Mission Statement

Be silly, bash heads, build booty.

Way Wordier Mission Statement

ABOCSTH is an on-demand universe. Major events, and especially NPCS, may be planned ahead but the setting and background narrative are not well settled. The universe is there to be enjoyed, just like in real life. Unlike real life, reality comes into being based on what seems like a good idea at the time. If the PCs get it in their heads to go somewhere like something, someplace like that will probably pop into existence. Actually getting there is another story, often one filled with mayhem and snarked coffee. If a player rolls a History check, history may be invented on the spot. Sometimes the DM will just put something screwy in the universe, listen to the players’ guesses as to what it means, and pick the niftiest as canon.

The party consists of Lucan, the elfish arrow-shooting ranger with a bad habit of crit’ing bosses with daily powers; Whooat, the human cleric of Pelor with the strength of an ox and a sheltered childhood; Jenda-Shan, the Genasi wizard with business savvy who won’t cop out; Bree, the halfling officer the other guards look up to; and Gwen, the amoral and deadly elf rogue.

The party’s adventures thus far have focused largely on foul artifacts associated with the fabled Vault of Chladimior. Artifacts which should have been sealed away in the Vault have appeared. Seemingly unrelated and innocuous people have been affected by these artifacts, becoming twisted, destructive, and powerful. Locks and keys to the Vault, which should have been lost or hidden centuries ago, have shown up in totally mundane settings. Why are these artifacts surfacing, and why now? What should be done with those artifacts which have been recovered? Should they try to enter the Vault, or seal it more securely?

A Bunch of Crazy Stuff That Happens