A Bunch of Crazy Stuff That Happens

A Dungeon and a Dragon

Two out of three doors agree: boom! Fortunately the party was not badly hurt. Bizarrely, a key was stuck in the lock of one door despite not being mated to that lock. The key was marked as a key to the Vault of Chlamidior, the second one found by the party (the first being Sage Batson’s left buttcheek).

Rather than wait out a month of subterranean blah, the party decided to explore further. They didn’t have carrying capacity for much water, but Lucan managed to forage for food and water consistently. He also navigated well enough to keep them confident they were exploring new featureless passages instead of revisiting the same ones. Over the course of a few days, they dealt with several large spiders with a proclivity for leaping at humanoid faces. Jenda-Shan had a close call after being poisoned by such a spider, but otherwise the party did well.

Then they stumbled into a tremendously tall cavern. As they approached, they heard a noise like ten thousand kittens sneezing. This turned out to be a juvenile black dragon, lazing in a pool of water, suffering from spider allergies. Only Jenda-Shan, having recently acquired a dragonling familiar, was able to communicate with the dread wyrm Murphy. The dragon’s minions have let the spider population bloom out of control, and the dragon is too big to reach the nests. Would the party care to earn the right to continue living by clearing out two nests and bringing back some tasty egg sacs? Jenda-Shan accepted. The dragon also claimed he’d give the party a sure way back to civilization, warning them away from a spiral staircase which lead only further in but might eventually lead to some way out.

Lucan: "What exactly was the deal?" 
Janda-Shan: "We get to live."

The party found the smaller of the nests as directed, dispatching a group of spiders and an Ettercap along the way. The “small” nest turned out to be nearly deadly for the party. The spiders would leap and envonomate one of them, then skitter back behind cover, only to leap out again as soon as a target presented itself. Everyone spent some time rolling around in pain. Finally the nest was purged, some egg sacs were gathered, and the party settled in to sleep in the defensible position.

They were interrupted by the sound of approaching humanoids speaking Draconic. The party was in no mood or health for conflict. Jenda-Shan overheard the approaching group: kobolds looking for an easy meal of leftovers from the party’s spider cleansing. He created an illusory cacophony of skittering spider legs, scaring the kobolds off. Crisis averted.

The trip to the larger nest took them back to Murphy’s lair, along a wrong turn into the kobolds’ own nest (fortunately the party could merely slink away), back to the dragon lair year again, along two days worth of twisty passages, and finally into a big room of pain. Ettercaps and a swarm of spiders tried to push the party out. Lucan and Whooat spent a good deal of time tangled up in webs, but he peppered everything in sight with arrows, and she kept her friends alive. Jenda-Shan turned the nest into a blazing mess with a rolling ball of fire. Mostly the battle was a slow slogging affair; the party was sticky but not badly injured. They recovered more egg sacs, and found a healthy supply of gold used as decoration by the Ettercaps.

Their first week underground comes to a close as the weary party prepares to rest before sealing a deal with an obviously evil dragon.



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