A Bunch of Crazy Stuff That Happens

At Least They're Well Rested

Jenda-Shan, Whooat, and Lucan slept in the caves. The townsfolks struggled to rest too, under the watch of their weary militia, including Bree (last name? oops), a Halfling officer trained in the psionic arts of an Ardent. Meanwhile, out in the hills, the urbanized Elfish tomb raider Aragwen (last name? oops again) skulked. Aragwen realized the town had largely evacuated and entered the caves during the night. She picked the handiest pocket, which turned out to be sleeping Lucan’s. A militia grunt nabbed Aragwen and turned her over to Bree. Finally Lucan and the other original party members woke up. They and Bree made an arrangement with Aragwen: they would all work together to resolve the Foodie Plague. Bree would be doing her duty as a militia officer, and Aragwen would be earning a pardon for her previous exploits in town.

Janet, the woman who was de-zombified while wearing a borrowed protective necklace overnight, was anxious to see if she was permanently cured. She remained rational without the necklace, but only for a few minutes. She returned to full Foodie status as she joyfully watched the sun rise. The party let her keep wearing the spare necklace indefinitely; maybe a longer use would be a permanent cure.

The newly expanded party set out for Lentry. They encountered more Foodies (including a decorated cavalier) in the fields, who acted aggressive as the party approached. A fight ensued, with everyone struggling a bit to get used to fighting on horseback (or giving up on the idea). The fight found the original adventurers in their usual roles, while Bree was forced to fight men she had known for years. Aragwen was merely impatient to kill the annoyances.

During the fight, Lucan earned the great prize of the loyalty of a trained warhorse; already skittish, it had become crazed when its rider was set aflame. Lucan calmed the animal and communed with it so deeply that it came to believe it was his mother.

They were victorious and not badly hurt, but with both Lucan and Jenda-Shan using fire as a weapon, the adjacent corn fields caught fire. Wrapping up the fight prevented them from quashing the blaze early, and at last check a sizable amount of farmland was burning.

They reached Lentry and found it in dire trouble. Foodies roamed the streets, some fattened and other emaciated. Food lay piled up, much of it rotting or just filthy. The party was not accosted; the Foodies seemed uninterested.

Aragwen tried to sneak away to check in with the local Thieves’ Guild, but Lucan followed her. Unfortunately he followed too well and tripped a booby trap, getting sprayed full in the face with skunk funk. Inside, they found the Guild had been carefully evacuated. The Guild Toolmaster, Tim, was still there. He had been alternately sleeping and boozing through the crisis and didn’t really know what was going on. He was, somehow, not affected by the curse. Nobody else they found in the city was unaffected.

Meanwhile, both Aragwen and Bree, lacking any protective necklaces, were feeling the effects of the curse as persistent and distracting hunger. The party searched the marketplace, but it had been fairly well cleared out by the merchants. They found only one necklace: a barely magical, mass-market Amulet of Protection from Hunger. Made for people with weight problems, it had a long enough chain for two people, but Aragwen preferred to be cursed rather than get so friendly with Bree.

They surveilled the Mages’ Guild, near the edge of the market. Lucan’s spooky elf senses spotted four mages in each of two watch towers near the front of the Gall grounds. He and Aragwen, the two stealthy ranged fighters, snuck over the back wall. They were not immediately detected, but they heard something big coming before the rest of the party could come over the wall. Lucan hid behind a tree while Aragwen laid in ambush at the corner of the wall, ready to shank whoever came by.

What came by turn out to be a disembodied, doubly giant arm dragging itself along the ground, escorted by four Foodiefied mages. Aragwen struck a major blow in the arm, but its bulk was so great it was still a major threat. A hard fight ensued. The rest of the party made it over the wall fairly soon, but Jenda-Shan came over far too close to the front line and was nearly crushed to death by the arm. Jenda-Shan was able to tap into his inner elemental nature to summon more strength than any typical travelling wizard, and broke free so handily he broke one of the arm’s hand’s fingers. Bree came over with Jenda-Shan, using her swordplay and mental powers to utterly baffle the arm even while being she was battered by the mages. She also recognized the arm’s origin: it belonged to poor Sorbo, who had cut it off as it became twisted by the curse. Whooat climbed over in a more defensible position, and used her healing abilities and summoned a spiritual weapon to fight from a distance.

With some teamwork, the arm was battered into retreat; it climbed over the wall and “ran” away to the north. But that still left the twisted mages. They were a bit addled by the curse, but still dangerous, throwing lightning and thunder at multiple targets. Aragwen was especially badly hurt because she started the closest to the enemy formation, and her first attempt to jump onto the outer wall resulted in an unfortunate splat into the masonry. She was knocked out, but recovered quickly. Lucan landed several major shots, Bree demoralized the enemy, and Jenda-Shan summoned his Skeletal Jazz Hands to restrict the enemy further. Eventually the mages were all slain. Unfortunately, Bree was forced out from behind the cover of the Hall building’s wall, and was spotted by the tower. The guards are going to be a little surprised when they find four battlemages and giant giant’s arm dispatched, apparently by a single halfling.

The party, wounded and about to be outnumbered, made a quick retreat. They followed the obvious trail of Sorbo’s arm through the city, although it was surprisingly quick for a disembodied arm and might not be catch-uppable.



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