A Bunch of Crazy Stuff That Happens

Don't Bunch Up in the Wizard's Guild

A raucous fight ensued. A cursed nobleman with apparent military training, of the respected MacGuffin family, commanded the enemy forces. Several weakened villagers mobbed the party, causing more distraction than damage. Two Guild wizards attacked as well, sending thunder and lightning among the bunched-up adventurers. While Whooat provided buffs and healing, Lucan fluctuated between embarassing misses and crazy high damage, and Jenda-Shan focused on crowd control.

Most of the enemies were dispatched with little drama, but MacGuffin was hardier. He also seemed a little more clear-headed than the other curse-struck enemies.

Eventually, Bree roused her full commanding presence, thoroughly defying the stereotype of the harmless halfling and intimidating MacGuffin into surrender. MacGuffin fell to his knees, weeping, with his face in his hands.

Gwen searched him. He died. The connection between those two events is the subject of some disagreement.

Searching the lower floor of the Guild, they found the scattered and rotting foodstuffs that characterized Lentry’s crisis. They also noted the hall’s incoming teleportation circle in one corner of the building, and some damage to the ceiling of the dining area, presumably connected to the upper wall which had been blasted out. Lepedee had apparently done a good job clearing out the magical gear from the area, but Jenda-Shan did find a modest supply of ritual components in a training room.

After a brief rest, they contemplated taking the stairs up to the top floor…



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