A Bunch of Crazy Stuff That Happens


(The game occurred way long ago)

The party headed toward Lentry. They found Lentry militia starved to death along the road. They met Sorbo’s man-eating Hill Giant cousins, almost started a fight with them, got a “common sense” roll and parleyed instead. Hill Giants have posh accents when their brains are in right. The party found Lentry in trouble. Some cityfolk have become mindless eating machines, devastating the crops. The rest have evacuated to the hills; they sent some militia to ask for help but don’t have the means to carry enough supplies for a mass exodus.

Sorbo, who cut his own arm off when it became enzombified, has been helping to gather food. There was a fun bit with an ballistic sheep field goal.

Lepedee Glibblef5lang, apparently a master of disguise and/or shipshafting, consulted. When the navy fought pirates in the south sea, they brought back some cursed booty. The Mage’s Guild took possession of the artifact, which then took possession of them. The party plans to assault the fortified Guild Hall grounds, possibly by blowing some chunks out of the walls, or by doing a MacGuyer rope-on-an-arrow zip-line.

It is discovered that basic protective amulets prevent the zombification effect, and putting an amulet on a previously afflicted zombie brings them back to lucidity temporarily. Lepedee is dispatched to try to gather more from the Guild, but the Guild is trying to distance itself from the problem publicly. The party goes to sleep in the caves, letting one of the victims wear one of their amulets in hopes of more permanent relief.



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