A Bunch of Crazy Stuff That Happens

Starego. Star ego. Get it?

Original writeup was insanely long when only a third complete, so:

  1. The Eladrin souljacker, Eramil Starego approached the party while camping.
  2. He claimed to have taken the soul “for the greater good”, which later turned out to mean enhancing the esteem of his family.
  3. The party believed him, and offered to travel with him. He refused, believing they would not survive the trip.
  4. Instead, they resolved the problem by a duel, which the party won despire Eramil’s fantastic speed and accuracy with his sword.
  5. The party was rewarded with a live chicken wearing a “mayor” sash, which Eramil swore held the soul in question.
  6. To find an accessible portal to the party’s home plan, and a woman to patch Eramil’s cloak, they traveled together to the village of Cloud Lake.
  7. Cloud Lake is on the shore of the lake the party fell into, which is also called Cloud Lake. It’s a small but pleasant town which produces textiles from the fog.
  8. The villagers had expected some elfs to cross over to help protect them from Myconids, as they do every winter, but they have not arrived. The village will be safe, but inconvenienced.
  9. Eramil explained some of the spooky lights in the sky at dawn; there is an active volcanoe well to the north and east.
  10. One of the villagers’ ancestors, who had become the local wind, led them and Eramil to a fey crossing in the woods and activated it.
  11. Eramil departed to find another way to serve his house
  12. A big rock fell from seemingly nowhere and kabonked Jenda-Shan on the head. It proceeded to burrow in. Lucan pulled it out, but it stuck to his hands. Jenda-Shan pulled it from Lucan’s hands, but it stuck to Jenda-Shan’s hands. Whooat pulled some common sense out of herself and wrapped her hands in a cloak to pull it away safely.
  13. The party sent an animal messenger to Sage Batson, bringing him roughly up to date. The initial “recording” heard by the poor cheetah-bird they used was too funny to exclude: “Batson, with love, is this thing on? Ha ha oh no, hi, William Batson! This is your favorite traveling party, we’re OK, had some unexpected travel come up. Hope everything’s well… you get twenty five words. What? You get twenty five words. Why don’t you tell me these things? I did.”
  14. The bird thing way a lot funnier at the time.
  15. Lucan recognized the area, and led the way to the tiny community of Glendale’s Glade, where Madelf has supposedly originated.
  16. It became apparent the Madelf had been suffering for a few days with the dagger in his back, and unsuccesfully trying to construct sack boys. He then slaughtered all three families making up the town, including his wife.
  17. The party respectfully burned all the houses of the town, taking only Madelf’s notes and his wife’s diary for investigative purposes.
  18. The party traveled on towards Kingdom’s End, passing through the elfish town of Sweetleaf.
  19. Sweetleaf is a trade-oriented town, comfortably dealing with humans and other residents of Turanga. Trade has been favorable lately, with Turangans paying well for elfish foodstuffs.
  20. The party reached Kingdom’s End, where they were welcomed by the guards and citizens, as the last widely known story about them involved climbing off a cliff.
  21. Whooat returned the wayward soul to Mother Euphasia. The temple has been a bit tense, because they had to leave the body in the ritual room, but wanted to keep it a secret. Euphasia restored the soul to its rightful body, with Whooat assisting.
  22. Jenda-Shan visited his brothel, which has been doing brisk business as expected in cold weather.
  23. Lucan went to the party’s usual inn, the Laughing Little Person, and met J’ayne. She was quite drunk and beligerent, demanding to know about their trip to the Feywild.
  24. Jenda-Shan recieved a sealed letter from Lepeedee Glibbleflang, inviting him to Lentry to see about a position as “Assistant to the Regional Guildmaster”. The letter implies a connection to the Chlamidian artifacts.
  25. Lucan and Jenda-Shan visit Batson, who confirms their suspicion that the Rock of Headaches which hit Jenda-Shan is from the Vault. It begins to seem likely there is a connection between planar portals and the artifacts, but the relationship is not clear.
  26. The party overhears that the locals are a bit worried about supplies. Some recent shipments from Lentry have not arrived. Even if the road to Lentry closes, it should be OK so long as the winter is not unusually harsh, but food prices are already climbing higher than usual.
  27. The party also overhears criticism of Mother Euphasia. Between her recent bouts of secrecy, and her not-so-secret relationship with Sage Batson, some question her dedication to service of Pelor and the people.
  28. The party plans to look into doing something about their Chlamdian artifacts in their possession, and to visit Lentry, in the near future.



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