A Bunch of Crazy Stuff That Happens

With Friends Like These...

The newly expanded party bravely fled north, following Sorbo’s arm. The arm had an early advantage by being a great climber, but Lucan caught up using the ancient elfish art of parkour to hop along rooftops. He shot the hand in the back outside town. The others arrived shortly after, and Whooat smashed the hand mightily and gorily with her mace.

Unfortunately, Sorbo arrived just in time to witness the mess. He even attacked Lucan with his halberd-chuks before his boss Bree, and sweet-talking Gwen, calmed him down. He was also somewhat affected by the town’s hunger curse, so they were able to talk him into helping storm the Guild so he could munch some “bad city wizards” who were responsible for his arm. Care was taken to ensure he knew not to eat Jenda-Shan. Even so, Sorbo insisted that the party hold a proper funeral for his arm, but not knowing what a proper funeral was he ended up with something more like a poetry reading crossed with an interpetive dance.

They returned to the city. The smoke from the burning fields was getting bad; Jenda-Shan kept a breeze going so they wouldn’t be too uncomfortable, and Bree rode atop Sorbo’s shoulders to navigate. They found that innocent Foodies were crowding the Guild, apparently protecting it from attack.

Returning to the caves to regroup, they met some of the outer milita patrols in the hills; Lucan and Gwen weren’t able to convince them that the fires were an enemy plot, but halfling Bree astride Sorbo, reveling in having people look up at her for a change, dazzled them with her charisma.

In the caves, Leppedee had arrived and was passing out hundreds of low-grade protective amulets which he had brought from the Guild’s stores. He confirmed the Guild was “still trying to decide” the best way to resolve the problem.

While Whooat, Jenda-Shan, Bree, and Lucan discussed the Mages’ Guild situations with Leppedee, Gwen slunk away and found her old Thieves’ Guild contacts. The Boss, Bobington, agreed to help in exchange for Gwen using her forthcoming respect to help position the Thieves Guild. And the Poisonmaster, a Drow named Poity, provided a large supply of mushroom poison of uncertain potency.

Gwen and Bree got new necklaces from Leppedee (cheap things the Guild had kids make at sleepaway camp as Arts and Crafts), and the large necklaces Bree had been wearing went to Sorbo. They worked to keep the curse at bay.

That night the party returned to Lentry proper. The fields were still burning in the distance, but those along the direct route were clear. Bree peeked over the city wall from atop Sorbo, and found that the foodified cityfolk had formed a human chain around the Guild wall several people deep. Gwen fed those nearest the gate her “Potions of Roast Beef Sandwich” and, botching a Heal check, determined that they were safely asleep after the poison took effect. The other human shields did not recognize the gap had opened, and the way was clear to the gate.

Sorbo charged the gate, clumsily but effectively. Fortunately Bree ducked. Unfortunately the wizards in the watchtowers were not entirely dumb and opened fire on Sorbo. Enraged, he shoved one end of his halberd-chuks into a tower window, then ran confused back out the gate. Bree jumped off safely.

Lucan and Gwen dashed to the Hall door, exchanging fire with the tower which still had a line of sight. They opened the door (while Gwen retrieved her lock picks from her pack in an astonishing show of fast handedness, Lucan turned the doorknob) which had been barricaded from the inside by semi-brain-dead wizards who didn’t realize the door opened outward. They gave cover fire while the others dashed to the door.

With everyone safely inside the Hall, Lucan and Gwen recognized that the two statues near the door wanted to kill them…


Hmm… it seems our DM is also a bit of a time traveler… July 29, 2010 23:21? Thought I had seriously overslept for a minute. :-P

With Friends Like These...

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