William Batson

A sage in Kingdom's End


William Batson is a half-elf sage the party met when they rescued him from an evil tree made of video game sprites and dental floss. The grandfatherly fellow is fond of the team, offering to help them research historical and magical information. He also has a significant library of rituals, recipes, and components to share (though he expects to be reimbursed for expenses, and sometimes needs time to prepare whatever is requested).

After a trip to Lentry to facilitate study of the Vault of Chlamidior, Batson began a romance with Mother Euphasia.

Batson bares a strange mark on the back of his upper upper thigh. A ritual suggested this marks him as one of five “keys” to the Vault of Chlamidior. This might explain his life-long affinity for history and arcane trivial, though the practical significance and relationship to any “lock” are unclear.

He is romantically involved with Mother Euphasia. Some say that if a mortal learns what names the two seniors call each in bed, the universe will implode and start anew.

William Batson

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