An Eladrin woman taken to human styles


J’ayne tends to be terse, even gruff, but she hasn’t been openly hostile to the party. She’s acted as a go-between for Count Fussbottom several times. It’s unusual for Eladrin to take on such a pedestrian role in human society. The range of her talents isn’t known, but she’s hinted that she can handle herself in a fight, and it is apparent that she is even more gifted at teleporting than most Eladrin.

After Fussbottom fell into business hardship, he let J’ayne go, claiming her contract was too expensive. Though she always complained about working for him, she complains more about not working for him. Since then, she’s spent much of her time admiring the view at the Merry Maiden. She’s pressed the party for details about their travels in the Feywild, and huffed noncommitally at the suggestion that she go back there herself.


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