The lecherous old fart of a dwarf does more business with humans than his own kind


Ardale is a former business associate of Count Fussbottom’s. He was involved in a large scale theft and smuggling operation which victimized Fussbottom and others in Turanga. His whereabouts since are unknown.

He owned a gold mine well north of Kingdom’s End, in dwarf-dominated territory, but embezzled from the miners and abandoned his claim. The mine now runs independently.

Because he does so much business with the human kingdom he’s not very popular among larger dwarfish society, even before being found out as a cheat. Unlike many dwarfs, he’s very open-minded, able to appreciate the wiggly bits on the dancing girls of the Merry Maiden in Kingdom’s End, as well as a great shaggy beard on a dwarfish lass.

His temperament is difficult to discern, as he’s been passed out during most of his conversations with the party.


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