Mother Euphausia

Reverend Mother of the Order of the Judgmental Gaze


This old human woman serves Pelor as the Reverend Mother of the Order of the Judgmental Gaze, seeing to the needy, teaching junior clerics, and overseeing the orphanarium. She’s stern but kind in her own “tough love” way, ordering those under her (or near her) around, but openly proud when those she protected in youth learn to stand up to her.

She has some prophetic gifts, but only anticipates vague trends. After learning about the Vault of Chlamidior from sage Batson, with whom she’s romantically entangled, she’s trying to help the party directly.

She’s romantically involved with Sage Batson. This is not technically a violation of her clerical oaths, though she is expected to put her service to Pelor first.


Mother Euphausia

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