Duke Johan Wayne

Capable, well-meaning head of the East Duchy


Duke Wayne heads the East Duchy of Turanga. On paper he has near-total authority, overruled only by the King, but in practice political forces prevent him from making major policy changes by fiat. He also has no guards of his own (forbidden by the King), relying instead on city guards or the King’s military. Wayne also doubles as the mayor of Kingdom’s End.

Wayne has a good reputation as a governor, but has been criticized for being too isolationist and short-sighted in regards to relations outside the kingdom.

When Wayne was informed about the Vault of Chlamidior, and particularly the Crown of Dude, he was perturbed. He feels the issues should have been brought to the government’s attention, and his own aspirations for power and prestige were apparent.

Since the death of his wife, he’s been fiercely protective of his daughter, the Dukelette Pricilla.


Duke Johan Wayne

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