Aramil Starego

An Eladrin noble, honorable but quixotic


Aramil Starego hasn’t been very forthcoming about his background, but some aspects of his personality and place in Eladrin society have become apparent.

He is an Eladrin, and claims to be a noble and that protecting the esteem of this house serves “the greater good”. Like many Eladrin he is well dressed even for hard work, often flaunting his looks. He often talks about honor. He takes the concept of honor seriously, but short of a sworn oath he is likely to interpret honor creatively. He hasn’t been seen to act maliciously, but often self-servingly. He could safely be labeled a fop, if not for his deadly accuracy and speed in a swordfight.

Several residents of Cloud Lake recognized him and sought his favor, though he claimed never to have visited there personally. They treated him with some deference, but also clearly recognized he was a bit of a ponce.

He claims to be based out of Astrazalian.

Aramil Starego

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