A Bunch of Crazy Stuff That Happens

Movin' on Up

The party leaves Shiretonville for Highview, with a letter of introduction from Cromsworth to Lord Washburn to help get them situated. Along the way, they’re going to try to do the Lord a favor and reign in his wayward son. They’ve found his hidey-hole, a decrepit old keep. They’ve cleared out a stray kobold, some surprisingly robust rats, and some tactically uncouth zombies. Now they stand at the door to the inner section of the keep.

Also: Crazy Wizard brand Red Herring Preserves.

Discount Bodyguards
Humble Beginnings

Wat the half-elf rogue was, let’s say “falsely” accused of roguery. She bravery blamed Khelnoz the Drow warlock. Balasar the Dragonborn fighter tried to settle things and upset the local snobbery. They were jailed.

Charges were dropped, but the three were “volunteered” to escort the struggling dwarf merchant Cromsworth back home to the small coastal town of Shiretonville, traveling east past the Forest of Trees and the foothills of the Thigh Mountains. They did so, but the merchant was killed in a kobold ambush.

They respectfully brought Cromsworth’s body home; his wife-cum-widow Dorfella (a gnome with a modest mechanical mojo) met them there. Khelnoz scared her half to death (twice) but since Cromsworth has an arrangement with the local priest, Father Tim, they all got along reasonably well.

The three heroes returned to the kobold camp, slaughtered them handily, and returned to Shiretonville to collect a commission from Captain Billington of the town guard.


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