A Bunch of Crazy Stuff That Happens


The party napped righteously.

Save the Sage!
They're starting to party like a Party

Time passed in Kingdom’s End; Count Fussbottom (pronounced Foose-buh-tom) contacted the party to ask for help. Would they please fetch or confirm the whereabouts of the famous sage William Batson, who Fussbottom hired for advise, last thought to be traveling from Lentry? They would.

Along the way south, the party stumbled across a hobbled hill giant, named Sorbo for the sake of recordkeeping. The poor fellow had a spear stuck in his foot, which the party removed with some theatrics. Sorbo granted them three wishes, each of which Sorbo either could not understand or thought was stupid, so basically the party has set a man-eating simpleton loose on the countryside for no reason except it reminded them of a parable.

They next found a wagon, its driver slain, surrounded by unusually aggressive plants. The plants were dealt with, the surviving horse soothed, and the railroad hopped upon hobo-style as fresh drag marks lead to a huge animated tree covered in more aggressive vines. The party’s first mini-boss battle ensued. Sage Batson was found in the tree, Venus Flytrap style. The party escorted him to Kingdom’s End, earning another reward and a new friend along the way.

They had Batson examine the Crown of the Dude, leading to their next mission: destroying it, starting with a trip of a lost altar designed for such things. For expediency’s sake, Batson also arranged for Fussbottom to send them up that-a-way to deal with an associate’s disappearing miners.

They're Not Dead Yet
A New Party Parties

Lucan the elfish ranger, Jenda-Shan the genasai wizard, and Whoooat the human cleric arrive at a small village near Kingdom’s End. The mayor encourages them to work together to find the source of a sickness sweeping the village. Tainted water is suspected and confirmed. The taint is traced back to a cave housing some oversized insects and a ripe fellow wearing a suspicious magical crown.

The threat is dispatched, the party celebrates with the village, and a new Adventuring Party is christened.

On to a Greater Adventure
Sometimes the Universe Wins

The party entered the main hall to find an army of several dozen kobolds, who turned out to be several dozen kobold statues, who turned out to be a handful of real kobolds pretending to be fake statues among a few dozen real fake statues. The battle left Wat severely disemboweled and the others worn down, so they returned to camp for the rest of the day.

They returned and stopped to rescue four orphaned kobolds, two others having passed away. Onward to meet Bastardo, who gave an impassioned and encrazied speech about the virtues of eating zombie flesh. Battle ensued. The party was victorious, but by the narrowest of margins. Balasar and Khelnoz both fell, slain by Bastardo’s loyal hound, a vicious Iron Defender. Wat barely survived, but only after using two of her kobold infants as kibble to distract the hound. It being impractical to drag the others’ remains to town for Raising, she lovingly looted their bodies and retired to more peaceful climes to tend to the two remaining kobold children.

All three players elected to roll new characters. Despite the PCs’ unglamorous deaths, the campaign was a success as a way to learn the basics of the new system and experiment with adventure flavors.

Movin' on Up

The party leaves Shiretonville for Highview, with a letter of introduction from Cromsworth to Lord Washburn to help get them situated. Along the way, they’re going to try to do the Lord a favor and reign in his wayward son. They’ve found his hidey-hole, a decrepit old keep. They’ve cleared out a stray kobold, some surprisingly robust rats, and some tactically uncouth zombies. Now they stand at the door to the inner section of the keep.

Also: Crazy Wizard brand Red Herring Preserves.

Discount Bodyguards
Humble Beginnings

Wat the half-elf rogue was, let’s say “falsely” accused of roguery. She bravery blamed Khelnoz the Drow warlock. Balasar the Dragonborn fighter tried to settle things and upset the local snobbery. They were jailed.

Charges were dropped, but the three were “volunteered” to escort the struggling dwarf merchant Cromsworth back home to the small coastal town of Shiretonville, traveling east past the Forest of Trees and the foothills of the Thigh Mountains. They did so, but the merchant was killed in a kobold ambush.

They respectfully brought Cromsworth’s body home; his wife-cum-widow Dorfella (a gnome with a modest mechanical mojo) met them there. Khelnoz scared her half to death (twice) but since Cromsworth has an arrangement with the local priest, Father Tim, they all got along reasonably well.

The three heroes returned to the kobold camp, slaughtered them handily, and returned to Shiretonville to collect a commission from Captain Billington of the town guard.


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