Tag: Shiretonville


  • Cromsworth

    Cromsworth has a small store in Shiretonville, but doesn't get much business. He also tends to die a lot. He eats constantly and drinks even more often. He also dies a lot; Father Tim doesn't seem to mind Raising him. His True Name is not Shorty …

  • Dorfella

    Dorfella is shrill and untrusting, but Cromsworth seems to like her. When not dragging his corpse to the temple, she's probably fiddling with mechanical doodads and geegaws. Her greatest invention is a sunstone-powered torch, which sheds almost as much …

  • Father Tim

    Father Tim is a cut-and-dry, down-to-earth sort. He's fond of Cromsworth, despite having to Raise him pretty often. He also has a modest knowledge about magical artifacts.