Chlamdior and the Clappers

History gathered by the party thus far…

Generations ago, well before the founding of Turanga, a man named Chlamidior tried to take over the universe. He relied heavily on his ability to make and use magic artifacts, and those artifacts were oriented toward control. Control of animals, control of others’ will, control of the elements, control of constructs, and so on. The artifacts associated with him are marked with a trident in a circle, though the mark is hidden and so far only detectable with a nudge of divinity such as brushing the object with a scrap from an angel’s robe.

Chlamidior attracted followers, who called themselves the Clappers. These followers were mostly human, though they made extensive use of mercenaries from other races such as goblins, orcs, and ogres.

At their peak, the Clappers dominated much of the continent upon which Turanga now resides, and had footholds in the Feywild, Elemental Chaos, and possibly additional planes. They ruled cruely, and a great alliance was formed to overthrow them. Despite cooperation among elfs, dwarfs, free humans, and many other races in the region the fight did not go well because Chlamidior’s artifacts were so powerful. The tides only turned against the Clappers when the greatest free wizards of the land worked together and sealed away the artifacts by collecting them together in one place and separating that place from all others as its own pocket dimension: the Vault of Chlamidior.

Access to the Vault has been lusted after by wizards and sages since, to no avail. There have been occasional claims of artifacts cropping up, but all were disproven until the PCs recently uncovered two in the possession of otherwise pitiable foes: the Crown of Insect Sex Appeal, and the Dagger of Puppetry. No known open passages or teleportation circles to the Vault were left. Recent revelations say there are five locks (lost) and five keys (including Sage Batson, marked with the inverse of the mark of Chlamidior) which would allow entrance to the Vault.

The Clappers were finally dispersed, leaving the elfs and dwarfs to their preferred isolation, and humanity in disarray until united as the Kingdom of Turanga.

It’s not clear what happened to Chlamidior himself. He may have been sealed away with his toys, slain in battle, ascended, or a lie to begin with.

Known Artifacts:
  1. The Crown of Insect Sex Appeal; destroyed
  2. Dagger of Puppetry; destroyed
  3. Stone of Headaches; stuffed in somebody’s pocket
  4. Orb of Gluttony; currently pwning Lentry
Keys to the Vault:
  1. A metal key
  2. William Batson’s butt
  3. ?
  4. ?
  5. ?
  1. A padlock
  2. A bust of a guy getting hit in the face
  3. ?
  4. ?
  5. ?

Chlamdior and the Clappers

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