Kingdoms End

Capitol of the East Duchy. It’s a fairly large city, though not as wealthy as the other capitols because it is situated more for defense than for trade. It sits atop a high cliff over the river dividing the human kingdom from the elf-dominated woodlands to the east. The mountainous dwarfish territories to the north are accessible as well.

Janda-Shan, Whooat, and Lucan have become well known here, first by Count Fussbottom pumping up their reputations in order to improve his own as their handler, then by Duke Wayne himself pronouncing them “Friends of the City” after they saved him and his daughter from sackboys.

Notable Locations:

  • Temple to Pelor. Home of the all-female Order of the Judgmental Gaze and their orphanage. It’s along the western edge of town, in a woody area. It was built before Turanga was established, to cap a passageway to the Underdark, which is still accessible on occasion.
  • Sage Batson’s house
  • Count Fussbottom’s house. Fussbottom actually owns much of the town, but his personal residence is modest.
  • Duke Johan Wayne’s estate.
  • The Merry Maiden. Fussbottom’s and Ardale’s favorite brothel. The name made more sense when it first opened.
  • The Laughing Little Person. This is the party’s usual inn and tavern; the owner Paul lets them stay and eat free because they enhance the place’s reputation.
  • The Pickled Platypus. A high-class, expensive inn popular among people not spending their own money.

Kingdoms End

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