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Note that information here is as told to the PCs, or commonly believed among residents in the PCs area. Some information may turn out to be incorrect. For instance, maybe Gretchen is really a dude; dwarf ladies don’t really grow beards, it’s just that dwarfs are more accepting of cross-dressers.


Year FT 205 (Founding of Turanga + 205)

  • April, Week 3: The trial party meets, has a few laughs, and dies.

Year FT 208

  • August, Week 1: Lucan, Whooat, and Janda-Shan meet, and dispatch the Dude.
  • August, Week 2: The party retrieves Sage Batson.
  • August, Week 3: The party defeats the Celestial Meatball on the way to Ardale’s Mine.
  • August, Week 4: Clearing out Ardale’s Mine
  • September, Week 1: Traveling back to Kingdom’s End
  • September, Week 2: The party defeats a demon, destroying the Crown of the Dude, and prepares for an upcoming costume party.
  • September, Week 3: The party relaxes, then saves Duke Wayne and Dukelette Priscilla from attack by puppet people.
  • September, Week 4: The party travels to Lentry guarding a weapons shipment, along the way wiping out a major puppet-and-elf force that tried to sneak attack them, and recruiting Sorbo to work for Lentry.
  • October, Week 1: The party travels back to Kingdom’s End, stopping to wipe out the puppet-and-elf camp led by Madelf, near Villageton. They also learn Leppedee Glibbleflang has been checking into them.
  • October, Week 2: The party ventures under the temple of Pelor prepared to stay as long as a month. Retrieving some relics, and clearing some spiders to curry favor with a dragon.
  • October, Week 3: The party fights the treacherous dragon and scares him off, liberating his kobold minions, and follows the kobolds on a supposed path to the surface. They are ambushed by the dragon again, this time slaying it. Also, ants.
  • October, Week 4: The party returns to Kingdom’s End, interrupting their own funeral. Jenda-Shan becomes a pimp. They fall into the Feywild chasing a souljacker. They return to the Prime Material with the soul-booty, investigating Glendale’s Glade on the way back to Kingdom’s End.
  • November, Week 1: Destroying another Chlamidian artifact. Whooat is delicious.
  • November, Week 2: Traveling to Lentry, whose townsfolk are either mindless eating machines or hiding in nearby caves.



In the Prime Material Plane

In the human-dominated kingdom of Turanga:

  • Premise Point – an ill-defined town in South Duchy
  • Shiretonville – small coastal town in the South Duchy
  • Highview – capitol of the South Duchy
  • Kingdom’s End – capitol of the East Duchy
  • Lentry – a trade hub on the south coast of East Duchy
  • Villageton – a tiny farming community below Kingdom’s End
  • Canaida, a sparsely populated region west of Kingdom’s End

In dwarfish territory:

  • Ardale’s Mine – a small underground town at the entrance of the mine. The party recently found an old temple to Moradin in the lower levels, leading to renewed cheer in the residents.
  • Rockmallow Clanhold – not yet visited; the party has been invited to visit as honorary cousins.

In elfish territory:

  • Glendale’s Glade – once a tiny and poor community, then slaughtered by Madelf
  • Sweetleaf – a prosperous community, heavily involved in trade with Turanga.


In the Feywild

  • Cloud Lake – both the name of a fog-laden lake and a village on the lake.
  • Astrazalian – fabled City of Starlight, not yet visited but on the party’s list of places to see before they die.

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