Prosciutto is a small island nation southeast of Turanga. Its people are known for two things: sailing and singing. Many great ship captains claim Prosciuttan ancestry, and the greatest are actually telling the truth. Prosciuttans are more human than not, but elfs are widely admired so mixed elfin ancestry is common, and the country’s proclivity for world travel leads them to welcome foreigners from any species. Many humanoid species have made homes on Prosciutto, the main exception being dwarfs, who generally don’t like boats and specifically don’t like ocean boats. The largest community of Eladrin living among humans is in Prosciutto; they prefer the vibrancy and variety of life there over the (as they see it) humdrum homogeneity of Turanga, and Fey crossings are not so difficult to find.

Prosciuttan governance is broken up into clans. Territory squabbles are common, but in recent years mostly non-violent. There is a national sovereign, elected by clan leaders, who makes or delegates decisions affecting the nation as a whole, such as setting tarrifs or positioning military units. In theory he has tremendous authority; in practice the clans just ignore decisions they don’t like so the sovereign can only “decide” that Prosciutto will do what it would probably have done anyway.

The nation’s naval power is formidable. The military is unmatched at sea, and while Prosciuttan infantry is not so intimidating, reinforcements are always just a stiff breeze away.

The nation is also an economic force, trafficking in goods from throughout the world. The Turangan Freighters’ Guild has plenty of ships, but even they hire Prosciuttan transport for the most important cargos.

Prosciuttan men prefer not to uncover their faces in public, so they typically eat in private among family and close friends, and drink through straws stuck under their face wrappings. The face taboo is about as the one against real-life men being shirtless: it’s not indecent, but it’s not polite. The exception is that they uncover their faces to sing, which is highly ritualized. Prosciuttan choirs are highly regarded. Ships with large crews might have a song going constantly with each sailor’s contribution mirroring the rythm of the ship’s operation. The Prosciuttan national and clan anthems sound different every time they are performed, and the performers swear this is on purpose.

Prosciuttan women don’t generally cover their faces, but they still prefer not to eat among strangers. They taste like ham.


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