The Founding of Turanga

The kingdom of Turanga was founded by the half-Orc tribesman Turangarockshapbacore. Despite ruling only shortly, he remains a revered figure for many.

The regions now called Turanga have been populated by humans and their close relations forever, as best anybody can tell. Other than a few small city-states and short-lived alliances among towns, there was no long-term government prior to Turangarockshapbacore (T-rock for short). Half-Orcs were concentrated in the cold plains to the northwest, now the heart of the West Duchy. As today Half-Orcs were rightly seen as dangerously ill-tempered, but their close-knit tribal societies were among the more stable in the region. So T-Rock grew up with an appreciation for cooperation.

As a young man, T-Rock set out to find a new home away from his tribe. Some say he was seeking enlightenment or pushed by divine hands; revisionist sages claim T-Rock was fleeing his tribe after an unfortunate incident regarding uncertain degrees of separation among cousins. His travels exposed him to the many peoples and lifestyles of the region, but he found no one place to call home. He spread stories as he went, embellishing in the oral history tradition of his tribe, which used to walk ten miles uphill both ways to slay dragons with slide rules. His stories were the seeds of a desire for cooperation among settlements, and T-Rock found himself negotiating the terms. When agreements of cooperation spanned the region, T-Rock was named king.

So the kingdom was founded without bloodshed. This makes T-Rock almost a religious figure among Half-Orcs (they don’t call him “T-Rock”) striving to control their naturally violent tempers.

The years following the founding were less peaceful. As T-Rock addressed the first formal gathering of representatives from throughout the kingdom (“I am Turanga…”) he was assassinated. The reign of his heir, Jeb Turangarockshapbacoreson, was dominated by civil war. The kingdom nearly split; instead three very independent duchies were named. Over the course of generations the kingdom re-solidified and the duchies autonomy lessened. Today, two hundred years later, the kingdom is strong and the three duchies don’t even maintain borders between each other.

The Founding of Turanga

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